Sex And Sanity
2 years ago

S1E15 - The Cure For Dickmatization..MOVE ON!

We have a cure for dickmatization! We failed to tell you the cure in episode 13 because there was too much to say about our dickmatization experiences, so here is a part 2 of Dickmatization and Getting Pussy Whipped. Stop being a clown for that dick! Don't let a man treat you like shit because the sex is good. You can leave! You can move on! And in this episode, we tell you how. Listen, learn, ask questions via my social media handles or just email me and share with us your success stories.

If you are dickmatized, it's time to wake up and leave that messed up situation you find yourself in. Thandie, Linda and Araba were my co-hosts for this episode.

Guest handles : @TheRealThandieB @sister_araba @oye_lines

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