Sex And Sanity
2 years ago

S3E17 - Sex, Ecstasy And Spicing Things Up

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Would you say your sex life is exciting? How do you make ecstasy and fun a huge part of it? Listen to Sister Araba, Ami, and Sena talk about what they hope their sex lives will be like in 5 years, how to spice things up, polyamory, and other fun topics. Enjoy listening, do the dare, and share your experiences with us! Do you have a sexual concern or sex-related question? Send them to Ami on Twitter @amisdiaries, @amishikah on Instagram, or via email- [email protected]. A question is selected for answers in our first segment. It can be yours! Our sponsors: 

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Song Credit : Special thanks to Mzbel for use of her song, Awoso Me

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