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2 years ago

S1E16 - Mama Ne Dada (Childhood Naughty Games)

Mama ne Dada translates into Mummy and Daddy in the Ghanaian Akan dialect. It was a game we used to play as kids and some kids still play it. You do what parents do in that game and it involved a whole lot sexual activities because of what you've seen or heard.

Instead of 'mama ne dada,' we were introduced to 'mama ne mama' by Linda who in the absence of boys played the exact game but with girls. We shared stories, talked about the game in general and highlighted the need for kids to have access to comprehensive sex education which was absent in our curriculum when we were growing up.

This is a must-listen-to episode. Listen and if you have any 'mama ne dada' stories to share, send them to us at [email protected] and we will reply in no time. Our guests on this episode are @AJ_Ahenkan and Pamm.

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Song Credit : Special thanks to Mzbel for use of her song, Awoso Me & Yopoo.

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